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This week’s featured article is about an interview with Holly Gage, one of the most prominent artist in the field of jewelry for a cause. We hope that she can inspire you to take pick up jewelry making and create stunning pieces of jewelry.


You have won a number of awards, how has that changed Holly Gage’s life and career as a jewelry artist?

I think that there is some validation that takes place when you win an award. I was not always that confident so it has definitely helped me in that area. I guess I keep those kinds of things in perspective. There are very nice to get, but I do not necessarily see them as things that have changed my life because I have to be realistic about it. It is not necessarily what I go out to achieve.

Basically I look at the people around me who have helped me and this awards are not a singular success, I was lucky to have a mom that supported me and a family that has allowed me to do what I love to do. I am lucky to have been surrounded me by people that care enough about me to support me. I see the awards more as a culmination of things that lead to it. They are very personal.

There was and ward I received for a piece I created to help me work through the death of my mother in law so, when I got the award I felt it was really honoring her. I think awards honor more the message I am trying to convey than directly honor me. I am just happy that something gets it. I communicate best through my art and when someone gets the message is very cool it is more accurate than the spoken word, there is more said by the art than the spoken word.

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You have published and have been published a number of books, tell us about how you started that process and what have you gained by it?

I love to write and publish articles, I love the idea of helping this medium (art clay) advance and I think it can just grow and get bigger and better and sharing will get it to do that. If I bring my piece to a gallery owner and it brakes then it affect everyone. So the community as a whole helps when we share jewelry tips and techniques.

I did a presentation at Purdue University during the Metal Clay World Conference, and I talked about how when you share one tip to someone it makes the community better and that kind of sharing is just wonderful. That is the part about teaching and it is the connections that you make with people that make this possible.

It opens up dialog and people e-mail me all the time. There is place for it all, and the more we learn from each other the more grow.I have been trying to put together some artist retreat and I am trying to create more of an experience, a human experience was people are connecting with each other.

I see these retreats as a place of learning new techniques and ideas. We did one in France this summer with Angela Crispin and will be doing another one in October. We are also planning another retreat in Lancaster County Pennsylvania where we will combine the old history with new innovative process.

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