Rio Grande Jewelry Supply Offers More than Tools and Supplies – It’s Truly a One Stop Shop

rio grande jewelry supply

Rio Grande Jewelry Supply is a wholesale supplier whose roots go back 50 years. The company was founded on hard work, integrity, and the spirit of entrepreneurship just near the close of World War II.

The company started mainly as a silver company, but it has grown to include a vast number of jewelry varieties. The Rio Grande jewelry company is known for its high quality at wholesale supply prices.

Rio Grande jewelry Supply has a lot more to offer than just supplies. Every year jewelers worldwide participate in this design competition for a 30,000 dollar prize. The Saul Bell award was instituted by the company in honor of its founder.

The founder of Rio Grande Jewelry making Supply, Saul Bell, moved his new bride Olive to Albuquerque, New Mexico in the early 1940s. When the owner of an old trading post on Route 66 died, Bell bought the establishment and started his jewelry business.

He supplied craftsmen and silversmiths with the materials they needed to create beautiful and unique jewelry. When times were tough, he extended these workers credit, so that they could continue to have the supplies they needed. By 1947 the idea of wholesale had taken hold at, and the company began shipping to new places.

The Santa Fe Symposium gathers jewelers from all over the world is also organized and sponsored by Rio Grande jewelry Supply. The symposium provides an opportunity for jewelers to exchange ideas, tips and techniques.

They can showcase their designs and get exposure. The symposium also provides knowledge to craftspeople on how to market and sale their jewelry.

Rio Grande Jewelry Supply

Rio Grande offers classes and workshops throughout the year. The Education In Motion series features a wide range of jewelry-related classes offered at our Albuquerque, NM, facility and soon at other special events around the country. Classes are added all the time and you can even request that a new class be offered.

Education in Motion

Their learning center is filled with tips and techniques. It offers a wealth of resources and information to both beginner and experienced jewelers. Through both articles and a discussion forums

Rio Grande Learning Center

The company has an outstanding customer service support staffed with knowledgeable personnel who is ready to help answer all your questions.